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Thread: Mod spying people should be illegal.

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    Default Mod spying people should be illegal.

    Okey so to start this thread, lets go out of the topic and go way back in 2017. In 2017, a kid scammed someone and the guy who got scammed called the police cuz he lived in canada too. He got arrested and got 5year jail sentence with comunitary work.

    Back to topic, ZstepXD got banned after chilling with friends in a JAMMED world while 2 mods were spying them. This is breaking the rules in the respect of the private life. If we put a jammed world, its to restrict access to people who knows about the world wich means ZstepXD invited them into a PRIVATE talk. As we all know, these mods are human and we are too, so this is why RULES irl should be applied beacuse if @ottowo spies my friends im going to call the police beacuse it breaks the rules AND he lives in montreal wich I do too. No harm in you but really, if your breaking the civil code the right sentence should be applied.

    As we live all around the world, a civil code should be applied OVER the code as an endorcement of PRIVATE/JAMMED WORLDS to avoid irl problems such as arrestations, court, jail sentences, and violation of laws wich can occur anywhere in the world.

    If your sneaky enought, you can read the therms of services and check if there is anything about it BUT in ios/android, they are none wich means we are FREE TO PLAY USING THE CIVIL CODE OF OUR COUNTRY.

    If this is not enought to get these 2mods arrested, we got enought proof to send them to the court and see if the judge put them in jail or no.


    If mods arent old enought to follow the civil code than it means KIDS runs it cuz if you dont know rules your like a baby and cries when you want something.

    This happened once that the game jailed people for scamming with irl mone but at the moment you spend money in the game and your being watched we can sue the mods if you know wich country they live in as me, the only mod i can call the police for is @ottowo. (No harm in you buddy)

    ANYWAYS DONT ever s'y us again as it violates the CIVIL CODE for many of us and im telling you, USA is WAY more severe on the sactions given maybe 20years for the case at the beginning of the thread

    -No harm on anyone -LI0NE-

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    Then, killing people in Growtopia should be punished by throwing people into the jail

    ReAl LiFe RuLeS NeEd To Be ImPlEmEnTeD iN-gAmE, RiGhT?

    Jokes aside, its moderator rights to do anything they want
    They can spy on us (Moderating Player)
    You're in their game.. You want private talk? Dont freaking do it here.. do it in real life

    Mod need to spy, in order to remove hidden scammer, hacker, cheater and autofarmer

    He got banned? Surely there is some reason why he is banned.. you didn't specify any

    Saying "no harm to you buddy" after threatening that guy 2 times.... Is this a joke?
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    That's like saying that it should be illegal for the police to come knocking on your door if they think there's something suspicious going on because it doesn't respect your privacy.

    no context
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    We (Misthios and I) are not going to be receiving legal troubles for doing our jobs in-game...we haven’t actually broken any laws (don’t call the popo). In terms of “spying”, we have been granted the tools to monitor players and ensure that rules are being followed. Therefore, it is within our right to follow up on players who have broken rules or have been reported to us. Keep in mind that nobody actually has the full story, and anything being told is from a specific perspective. However, all this being said, we still respect people’s privacy and are instructed not to spy on others. We have no reason to do so unless (as said) we are following up on a report/issue. Players should have the ability to feel safe with us as mods - we have been thoroughly investigated and monitored ourselves to make sure we are the right people for the job. I also do not live in Montreal.

    Aside from all of this, the thread involves ban discussions and singles out a player. Closing thread.



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