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Thread: Here's the thing about this 'ROOTS Update'

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    Default Here's the thing about this 'ROOTS Update'

    I'm a little bit confused about this whole update when it was first released to the public (even though our Community Manager's lovely explanation doesn't help me understand this update don't ask me why). Now I'm getting hanged of this update, made a nice lovely garden with the new blast, then I realised something.

    You see, this update is rather odd compared to the previous monthly updates, kinda. Now the update information states in the Play Store and maybe the App Store says that the 'New July Update' is here. And then another info states that 'Summer Clash' is mentioned.

    Now, here's the conclusion. I believe this update is only a 'Minor Update' so the devs can work on the new 'Clash Mechanics' Starkos mentioning. So this is why the special prizes are kinda of just a mere lovely decoration to your set or something.

    Overall, the Roots update is awesome and more beautiful blocks are added. I'll give it a 4 and a half stars for this one.

    Also thanks for reading this bland wall of text, this is the first time I post something this long
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    Next week or so, the non sprayer who tryhard the update could get 100+ bamboosword, 100+ cobra hats 100+ of everything and the hats will be 3-4/wl
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    I hope they change the new foregrounds actually to backgrounds.
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    There’s not enough benefits to actually plant bountiful trees. Farming normally pretty much beats it in every aspect, and there are not enough new items to satisfy me, besides the new blocks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by -LI0NE- View Post
    Next week or so, the non sprayer who tryhard the update could get 100+ bamboosword, 100+ cobra hats 100+ of everything and the hats will be 3-4/wl
    A week? The growtopian eating..... thingy need 3 days 15 hours+ to grow. To get the root,we need to wait 18 days 3 hours without spray
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    I'm farming on my little roots farm, currently have 100 trees of each tier 2 farmables. Each one at level 2. Don't farm much.



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