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Thread: The Scarft-Growtopia animation

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    Default The Scarft-Growtopia animation
    I wanted to win votw because i want to be model to other growtopian evem though ur work is not worth u can still win.I love making videos and this video is orginal and didnt copied it to others .Sometimes Im doubting if im going to make a video to nominate for votw but oneday
    All thing just changed my friend died hes name is *Lory Omne* he died from cancer stage 2 he is 14 yearsold and i decided to make a video inspired to my friend *all story was true* .even i dont win i will keep Praying for my friend .dont give up guys
    Name: Pperzy

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    Hey! This is not the place to post your VOTW requests!
    I am a Growtopian that only played for a month!

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