While my main world (OTTOWO) is an absolute masterpiece, it is time for a redesign. Now, I was telling some people a while ago that I already had a world design prepared for OTTOWO. I’ve decided I’d like to use it for other projects, and I simply do not have the time to build a world (plus I want to see what you guys can do). I’m giving everybody until August 1 to design a world that meets the following criteria:
- fills the entire world (does not mean a block on every available spot - just don’t leave half of it blank)
- does not include pixel art
- has a public sitting area
- overall looks amazing

Keep in mind it does not at all have to include a parkour, games, music, etc. That is all up to you. If anything, I’d just love some beautiful scenery or something nice to look at. I’d suggest using a world planner (this one is great: https://tools.cernodile.com/planner.php) before building in-game as to not waste resources.

The winner will receive 5DLs, a duct tape, as well as a freeze/fire wand. You can enter using #omgmikeiscute on Instagram, or feel free to PM me here on the forums. Good luck!