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Thread: I did not received emails to change password/emails !

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    Unhappy I did not received emails to change password/emails !

    Hello my name is Sam my GrowID is Gozilia a few days ago I tried to change my password and it was work!
    but last day I tried to change the password for Security because at noon my account disconnected suddenly, so I think
    I need to change my password fastly, Now I waited over 1 day because it wasn't sent cus these things ( The Information is correct, but we already emailed you, so you need to wait a day or so,) we won't spam!
    This day I tried again but it still wasn't working! , I tried to a different email, it doesn't working tho!
    someone help me, please!

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    Well, a lot of people are experiencing this exact same issue and I'm pretty sure they are already aware of it!
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    Welp, I have that issue too. I wanted a 2FA protection but no email. I first doubt whether I mistyped my email so I tested requesting password change. My email was correct but no email. Perhaps the server has an error or there are a lot of emails waiting for them. Maybe just wait.
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