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    Default Insane Sam

    Part of the Crazy family, Insane Sam offers some INSANE quest deals!

    BUT! There is a cost for the crazy quests, and that is you must have at least 100% awesomeness, and getting all your daily bonuses disabled for that day (That means, no token bonus, or superhero bonus etc)

    *Awesome? : Obtain 1% awesomeness
    *Awesome! : Obtain 50% awesomeness
    *AWESOME!!!! : Obtain 100% awesomeness
    *Awesome Ambassador: ??? [More on that later!]

    By calling 99999 on the telephone, you get into the Insane Sam menu! You can't do much here, but if you have 100% awesomeness, you can open the Insane-O-Matic, in here you can give in all your daily bonuses and life goals, for epic quests!

    "What's so special about these quests?"
    With these quests, you can get over 100% awesomeness (1 insane life goal gives 1 awesomeness ) but, If all 3 aren't completed in time which is one day , he will take away 1 awesomeness from you

    When all 3 life goals are completed, Insane Sam will gift you 1 Growtoken for each Insane life goal completed.

    The maximum amount of awesomeness will extend to 150% and once reached, the player gets an achievement, the "Awesome Ambassador"! Obtaining this achievement also grants the user a Insane Shades. Wearing them will give a 10% chance of obtaining a Growtoken for every normal Life goal completed.

    Examples of Insane Quests
    * Harmonize X Crystals
    * Kill X boss ghosts
    * Complete X Starmissions
    * Break X rarities
    And many more...

    The quests give x2 of the normal life goal rewards and also have a 50% chance of giving an extra Growtoken!

    To make this clearer,

    *Only insane life goals let you go over 100% awesomeness, if you have lets say 107% awesomeness and you do a normal life goal, you will not exceed the 107%.

    *It is not compulsory to do Insane life goals!

    *The higher your awesomeness, the better the rewards for both the insane or normal life goals

    *If reached 150% awesomeness, you can continue doing insane life goals for the tokens

    I think that's it! Thanks for reading, suggestions are always welcomed and feedback too
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