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Thread: New growtopia servers to android/iphone/windows too

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    Lightbulb New growtopia servers to android/iphone/windows too

    This could be released as "Growtopia 2" or then as another "realm" in the current app. This would be nice so that the whole economy system would restart, and so that all the BUY/SELL worlds would have active owners. Also, doing this could like require the player to be a supporter/ super supporter in the original realm. Atleast I think this would be cool. Please tell me your suggestions.
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    Thinking about you.


    I mean, it's not a bad idea... Problem is, I don't know how many people are willing to completely restart the game in the new servers, I think this would kill the game even more.

    Maybe they should just open /beta and just have people mess around there. I remember when it was open and people were doing mad drop games and it was just sooo fun, because nobody really cared about their items there, they'd lose them anyway.
    Thinking about you.



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