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Thread: Change name: Characters

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    Lightbulb Change name: Characters

    If you want to change your name you'll have to use a Birth Certificate and after you can change again you'll need to wait 30 days. Ok! Is important to have this cooldown to don't create weird situations.
    But what if I want to change my name from "FLO66" to ",Flo66"? I need to do same as changeing my name to a total different one. They made this 30days cooldown to don't create confusion, but what confusion I create if I change my name from "FLO66" to "Flo66"? Nothing bad happen.
    So that's why we should have a way to change just characters size. When we check "I have a GrowID" we habe to put the name "Flo66" if I want like that when I log in or "FLO66". Maybe an item or anything else.

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    Next time think about how you want your name to be capitalized before you change it
    Sample text



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