Since I made my first thread on this issue, another estimated fifty or so worlds have been stripped of their World of the Day honors and removed from the winner’s list. I am aware that there are many more issues that require urgent attention by the technical staff, but I believe that this should be one of them.

I’m a strong advocate for this issue mainly because I am a world creator myself, and I also have 16 of my worlds on the World of the Day list. So for me, every day that goes by is another day closer to one of my worlds becoming just another world. It’s only a matter of time before this happens...

So what exactly is this issue?

Much like the 2017 glitch which saw the number of worlds allowed on the WOTD list max out at a thousand, the WOTD list has reached its maximum capacity of two thousand worlds. This means that every time a new World of the Day is chosen, the oldest one on the list gets removed (along with its honors).

So, since the day that this issue began, I reckon a hundred or so worlds have been removed from the list and are technically no longer a WOTD winner.

With that being said, I’d like to request that this problem is looked into immediately by the staff before the damage becomes irreversible.

Thank you,