The ability to change your forums username should be enabled

The ability to change your forums username should be enabled as it would provide a great feature for players such as myself that made a huge mistake upon registering.

If you dislike your username and you changed it in game, it would be nice to be able to change it on the forums as well. For example, my in game name was "Nemoguy29" previously in game, and as I grew up I disliked the name and I changed it to "JellyPies". I would rather be referenced by my new name and decrease confusion when posting on the forums by changing my forums name to match my in game name.

There's not a good reason to not enable it. Some may argue stating people can try to change their name when they do something bad to avoid punishment, however VBulletin logs name changes to accounts, and reports will still stick the the account even after name change. Like if I were to break a forums rule, and change my name, it would still be traced back to my account if a player made a report about me.

Some may argue that changing your name to often should be disallowed as it can be "abusive" to the system. In the case that a user can frequently change to name to "abuse" the system, the forums software also allows you to set max amount of times you can change your name, and a cooldown.