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Thread: Console reset

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    Default Console reset

    As most of people know that growtopia was realised first in Australia so players in Australia could login first and lock all the worlds , they were only 5-10players .
    1 player got 30-40 worlds with best rare names and now he controls growtopia trade worlds with others.
    Think of how unfair this is , ill have to farm for my entire life to get wls while these guys can get much more wls than me by selling 1 of their worlds , (i dont hate them because they are rich now, but i hate what happened to the game its unfairrrr).

    So my suggestion is to make a vote for all players , players will jhave to vote either to keep server not reset or that you should reset it.
    If 70%+ voted to reset them , then u should reset them.
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    I agree
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