Im not here to try and get attenttion from others and possibly turn anyone hostile against my friend, the point of this post is to just share my dissapointment with the community.

So me and my friend have owned a geiger world for a long time it has 4 chargers.
I have payed for 2 of them.

We have used the world alot and me being more active, spent more time than my friend. This means i also got more crystals than him.
And because of that i have made lots of profit.

He decided to sell the world for absolutely no reason. This was weird since he had also made a bit of profit.

After i asked could i get my worldlocks back since i used them to support the world with chargers, he answered with a question.

Him : How many crystals have you found?
Me : Alot.
Him : More than me, so i see your chargers as a tax.
Me : But i have spent my own wealth on them and worked more than you.
Him : Anyways, I will keep the worldlocks.

This was kind of a turning point since i have supported him since the beginning.
Everytime he needed worldlocks on a project and promised to pay back, I lended the locks for him.

After this scenario he decided to use the worldlocks to buy science stations. But asked me for worldlocks because he was not able to afford the science station farm he wanted.

I lended the locks and he promised to pay back. He always pays back.
Not just this time with the geiger catastrophy.

Anyways, the geiger world is now sold and my friend is not in charge of it so you wont find out his name and spam him with hate.
The world is named MDIH
A good world and means alot to me.

Edit : Okay so i just found out he had harvested my sorcerer trees for a quest and also stolen the gems for it as well as stolen one of my geigers and 400 sorcerer stones thinking i would not notice.

Yes now i am sure ill just remove him as a friend.