I'm willing to bet $5 that an entire three people on this forum, myself included, have even HEARD of Under Night In-Birth, let alone play it, but I'm going to hope against hope anyway

Yup, this is the game that took Melee's spot at EVO this year, and after playing this game for myself I personally think it's an awesome choice. UNIST as a fighting game is solid and has interesting mechanics and I'm definitely looking out for it on Twitch this year.

If anyone, by some miracle, has this game on Steam, I'm interested in playing with other people. I'm relatively new to this game (and fighting games in general), so don't expect too much from me though.
Also interested in knowing whether anyone else has Blazblue: Centralfiction on Switch. Would like to play that too.

Anyways yeah. I could go on and on and on, but UNI is the game I want to focus on right now.

Post your games you play that no one else seems to play here.