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Thread: Regarding the people caught autoclicking to contribute for guild

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    Default Regarding the people caught autoclicking to contribute for guild

    As many of you know, its relatively easy to ‘autoclick’, this presents to us a threat currently because autoclickers can be used to contribute loads of points for their guilds. What i propose is that ALL players found hacking will not only be banned but their contributions and rankings(leaderboard) removed from guild events. (This means the total guild contributions will have to be decreased by how much that particular person contributed as well.)

    lTo give an example, Diamond guild leader Vargust was banned recently due to autoclicking. His contributions amount to over 30 million points. Removing his contribution points make the system fairer as it rewards the people/guilds who/that actually make an effort. Vargust is currently in top 10 personal leaderboard. So how fair would it be if you contributed by grinding, but some ‘autoclicker’ just comes along and hog up all the high leaderboard rankings.

    Implementing this system also removes the potential threat of someone having alts in their guild autoclicking and boosting the guild score to get 1st placel. The alts will only be banned while the main account can easily evade with a VPN or a Ghost and WALK AWAY WITH A GOLD MEDAL. Immediate action should be taken.

    Edit: Someone brought up that people may have collected rewards due to autoclicker contributions. The best idea is to retain the contributions for rewards, but on leaderboard the autoclicker’s contributions MUST BE DEDUCTED TO MAKE IT FAIRER FOR OTHER GUILDS AND PLAYERS.

    Edit 2: Im not against Vargust or Diamond, Im just using him as example. There are also other autofarmers with high rank. I suspect Farmwizard (not sure) because he ignores my messages 95% of the times (I often ask him for a builder role punch to make tesseracts). But who am I to make accusations?
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