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    Default RTsoft Clan Recruitment

    hello, we're RTsoftClan (RTC),[A LEVEL 6 GUILD] a recently created guild that is looking for new dedicated members to grow and expand with us. We currently only have space for 10 more member(s) due to the level of our guild(6). However we'll be recruiting more as soon as we level up.

    Leader: Ubimumu
    Co-Leader: Graxum (FyreZ)
    Elders: KogatanA, Dudka
    Requirements to join our guild are:

    Must be COOOOOOOL!
    must be willing to join and partake in guild events
    must farm/own a BFG/have a stable XP income

    reply to this thread filling out the form below:

    # of Farms

    keep in mind these requirements can change in the future
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