So we got some awesome events coming and going (Guild events and Winterfest are an example) But there seems to be a problem: the blocks in these events are quite limited/rare to obtain. I was expecting more blocks to be earned from the guild events but you tend to limit everything to 1-5 blocks per reward (It's really not enough... you should at least grant a bonus for the parkour worlds (10-20 random guild blocks upon completing the parkour) The same goes for Winterfest, we got tons of new Gingerbread blocks but they're really expensive due to the Gingerbread cookie recipe (Which is really great granting 3x the XP for 30 minutes) and the leash you can obtain doing so is making the blocks go crazy-expensive (ranging from 3-8/1)... Just seems to me that you should get at least 10 gingerbread cookie blocks whilst consuming Winterfest crackers and or make a spliceable recipe (event only).