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Thread: Are mods doing the right thing without even investigating?

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    Default Are mods doing the right thing without even investigating?

    As y’all seen, mods have been recently banning growtopians thinking they did something wrong like the guild leader of diamonds and Zstep and sometimes cursing innocent people when some sbs about quitting. There should something to warn growtopians and not cursing them. For banning for no reason, y’all needa know what y’all doing. You mods were made mods to not be banning innocent people. A lot of growtopians make dirty jokes and stuff so shouldnt y’all be banning them too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabaei
    I can't go into the details of another player's ban, however, I assure you, we don't ban unless we're 100% certain we have reason to. Misthios spent a good amount of time discussing with you and several of your guild members, the situation your guild is now in, you don't need to ask questions he's already answered for you.

    Regarding the question "What is autoclicking and what is not..?", if you're having that much trouble understanding it, here's a real basic guide:

    If you aren't physically moving your Growtopia with the controls provided by the game and only the game, you are autofarming/autoclicking.

    Closing this thread.?
    Mod confirm here that it was 100% sure auto user. So he got what he deserved. Do not use cheats if want stay in this game, so simple.
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    There have also been cases where people make a new ticket with support and they don’t bother to investigate. They just give a copy paste reply and move on.

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    Not a single one of us, whether it be staff or mods, go out of our way to punish innocent players. We would receive no benefit, if ruins our player base, and truthfully takes time out of our day to actually punish players. We only want to ban rule breakers, and if we were going around punishing random players we’d be demoted. Sure, mistakes sometimes can happen with bans, but it is very rare.

    Also, let’s not mention names in threads, just a part of the Growtopia Code. Closing thread.

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    Note that only Ubisoft Staff and the Canadian Support Team have complete access to the tools for investigation. We do investigate every single case the mods report to us before we ban or punish players. There's a reason why banned the 2 players you mentioned in this thread and we found proof that they violated the rules based on our investigation.



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