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    Default Beta (now recruiting!)

    Name:  image.png
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Size:  841 Bytes Beta is a guild founded by Phemus. We aim to reach #20 Guild Reward every event.

    Guild Home: BETAGUILD

    [Guild Rules:]

    • Be civil. Bullying, racism, excessive profanity, and abusive content are not allowed.
    • Players that are harmful to the community are not welcome. This includes individuals that are known to be scammers, or those who are mischievous and mistreat other players.
    • Hacking is strictly not allowed. Players who use or encourage any form of hack, including auto-clickers, 1-hits, macros, and spam-bots will not be tolerated.
    • Keep out any dramas or fights out of guildcasting. If you have a problem with someone, don't involve fellow guild members and solve it yourself in private.
    • If you catch another member breaking one of these rules, contact the Leader, Co-Leaders, or Elders.
    • Once you get kicked from the guild, you will less likely be invited back.


    As of now, the minimum points you are required to score per event is #18 Personal Tier.
    • Members have to reach #15 Personal Tier before Saturday, 15:00 GT Time.
    • Members have to reach #18 Personal Tier before Sunday, 15:00 GT Time.

    Lastly, a deposit of 30 World Locks will be taken from the members to ensure they will reach the requirements. (This will be given back when players would like to leave the guild)

    If you have accepted all the rules, you are welcome to join the guild! You may contact one of the admins in the list stated below:

    • PixelJr

    • Phemus
    • ColdEmerald

    • FunnyJester
    • Maroczy
    • EerieGt
    • Chaoseron
    • Zsanett

    Or reply to this thread saying you'd like to join, with your GrowID.

    Happy clashing!
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