Role Up-date would include new roles such as:

- Battler Of the Otherworldly Role
- Pet Trainer Role
- Treasure Hunter Role
- Tailor/Sewing Role
- Blacksmith Role
- Chemsynth Scientist Role
- WolfWorld Runner Role
- Pandemic Zombie Role
- Geiger Radiation Finder Role

And every Growtopia’s Possible activities Role!

It will also come with a revamp of these activities, making these accesible for all (Like the Seasonal Clashes with the Reliable ítems), give better rewards according to the effort they require and adding teamwork to the activities so they are more entertaining with friends... After all, Growtopia is about Socializing and having fun!!

Thank you for reading, have a nice day!

*Note: Im currentry making a thread discussing every activity’s updates, providing suggestions on how to improve them so they meet said standarts.