This one started by simply recoloring Golden heart crystal, then it expanded in something more original, then came ideas, i made them, and more , more ideas. So that's why i called it in the title, ''the part''. So if you like it, i can make more.

We all know how little is there of lore. Locke, Salesman, Crazy Jim, Crime villains, Startopia, and others. They are just taken as a decoration for a menu, or a block which sells item. But there is only little knew about them. So what if we enlarged growtopia universe, what if were would existed outter lands, which contain forgotten items, relics, jewels... Ruins, dusty furniture. A place which formed long ago and for some reason it's population moved far away. Crazy Jim, Locke and some others came out of here too, but in Growtopia they are changed personalities. Somethings been forgotten in the past. Well, too much to type. +1 for a lore!

Now for the main part and the title. I introduce you... the season jewels!
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(And no, there is no thing such as a season battle pass. That's a time of the year.)

These will serve many purposes, A first one and mostly main, ancestral artifact upgrasion.

If you have ancestral levels below maxium, it will upgrade to the next level (But only once). For example upgrades level 2 ancestral to level 3, and then you do it normal way. Of course the color of jewel is for the same colored ancestral.

If you already have got maxium level, you will get a special ability for your ancestral. What could it be? Recommend by replying to thread!

Also, jewels may be used for insane crafts (1 autumn jawel+2 summer jewel+poseidon trident(?)= solar burnout (like a staff which shoots solar fireballs) Feel free to recommend any recipes you could think of!

There is full showcase on how it was done and what does it represents.
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So how to obtain those?
Meet Mr. Carney, Barney's grandpa! (Growtopia's mascot, in game there is item showing thats hes name is buddy, but from Hamumu video we can learn that his real name might be Barney).
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Mr. Carney were living in fartherlands wasteland, collecting everything of everykind like a fanatic. He stuffs items he found in his boxes, then stores them somewhere. One day, he found a sign which says where is Growtopia situated. He got so excited to see his old friends and meet new ones. And of course while there, sell his prrreeccciouss boxes.

Carney's Junk Box will contain:
-Common prize: mostly junk,used or dusty items. no use, but if you recycle it you get 1 gem each per item.
-Uncommon prize: broken items. If you collect few of same kind, you can repair and stick them up together to get normal item (for example, you get 10 spotlight parts, repair them, and get a spotlight).
-Rare prize: old-fashioned clothes. chance to get some clothes from the past.
-Super rare prize: Carney's set parts, fancy furniture (Old style chair, table, carpet, etc)
-Ultra rare prize: Carney's golden tooth, taco hat (please!!!!!!!!!!!!! will fit perfectly)
-Seasonal prize: 1 of 4 jewels (jewel is decided by time of the year), 1 seasonal item (recommend i guess)

Carney's Junk Box will be obtained for 3 growtokens, or maybe not from shop (i guess from buying stuff with buckazoids or caduceus, or carney gets his own phone number)

What about the fifth jewel?
The time jewel. As if the purple gem is more worthy, so should be the jewel. Every year in only 1 random month, the time jewel will be avaible as a seasonal prize. it will have twice times more difficult to get it (chances decreases by 2), but in that month you will have chance to get 2 jewels.

That's it! Tell me what you think about it? Should i write lore? What to add? that's a mad concept. So feel free to criticize.
There is full picture of Mr. Carney's Season walk.
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