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Thread: Man Who Lost Arm By Plunging it Into Lava Refuses To Describe What Lava Feels Like

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    Default Man Who Lost Arm By Plunging it Into Lava Refuses To Describe What Lava Feels Like

    Around 2:00 PM on Sunday, 20th October 2019, A 38-year-old Russian by the name of Vladdejlabygr Krryzgtztkitski Krzkhvvev was hiking the Klyuchevskaya Sopka Volcano, when he decided to plunge his arm inside the lava. Vladdejlabygr received fatal complications and had his entire right arm melted into the lava. Shortly after pulling the 'stunt', he returned to his hiking group, who took him to the nearest hospital. After receiving hefty amounts of surgeries and medical treatments, he was asked by one of the doctors to describe what lava feels like. Vladdejlabygr, on the other hand, refused to answer her question. "I won't tell you what it feels like", Vladdejlabygr said, in an interview by one of our news reporter. "If you want to know, you should plunge your arm instead." Of course, after the little incident, agencies working at the volcano site immediately cancelled all hiking plans for the next months, and closed down bookings for the next six months, preventing anyone else from following his steps. Miraculously, Vladdejlabygr survived the complications and even planned to go on another volcano hike up the Mezhdusopochny Volcano sometime around November to "get rid of his other arm"
    - Fvlokksyntredwss Sybvladrter News, 21st October 2019
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