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Thread: Summer Clash Fishing Event

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    Default Summer Clash Fishing Event

    fishing is boring. please increase the chance of catching a fish during the event because i plan to do it reliables only, or even with pristines, and I'm pretty sure im gonna lose my mind if the chances remain at 0.0000000000001% of getting a fish using shiny flashy thing or salmon eggs. pls save me.

    but in all seriousness, I would really hope they do change how often you catch a fish, or at least increase the weight-point multiplier because it's already fairly low assuming you're using cost effective bait, and if you are using cost effective bait, that probably means you're only using pristine or even reliable guild tools, and it's not like many people don't have the time, it will just drive you insane staring at a blue cube waiting for a splash.

    credits to whoever said it in the big discord :-)
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    They just want you to spend more time on the game, like the previous guild event. Oh, and if you say fishing is not like block bashers, youre wrong. Its the same. Would you want to stare at the vend and hold down punch all day? Its because of all those autofarmers that the block bashers is exploited. These people use such methods to remove the element of patience from the event. Is it because this event requires patience and is technically unexploitable that you are venting off ur frustration?

    Btw IMO, these guild events are managable and in 2 days or less could be accomplished even if u cram it into ur daily schedule.

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    don't do reliables only lol, that only works for block bashers.
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