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Thread: Cieling Chomp Kroniklz

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    Default Cieling Chomp Kroniklz

    Orijinali ritten bai Cieling Chomp heself

    Oh hai. Iz ear twenti an forti. Peaec reignz in teh NomNomVille. Az of laet, nut su mach. Teh citi gaurdz haz discovurd ded, taintin teh lash grin grazz w/ blod. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Teh macaber natuer of teh kilingz sparkd mach alarmz an tenshun amongz teh kittehz, an ceiling chomp fearz taht teh mos notorios vilainz knowed 2 creatuer haz escapd frum tehir jael in teh encantd fores, a ladn shroudud w/ misteriz, hiden frum pryin ayes. Teh vary fabricz of NomNomVille haz startd 2 unreval. 2 quenchz dis calamiti, cieling chomp needz UR halp srsly.
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