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I highly disagree with this. Even wolfworlds are harder than this. Any pro parkour player could finish it in 10-15 mins or even less than this. Someone decent could finish it in 15-20 mins. Someone bad could even finish it within 25 mins. You just need to practice certain parkour mechanics especially one block jumps. The only people I see complaining are the ones not putting the effort to practice parkour mechanics or just have a laggy phone to even bother trying.

And adding the RNG to the prizes makes it exciting to finish 'till last stage to see what you get.

To the people complaining, PRACTICE! You guys are not gonna improve by complaining.
I do not agree with this cause wolfworld is soo easy do u wanna have a race in a wolf world? You can finish wolf world between 3 mins ._. and btw I always practice parkours. If you add me you can see I do not spend my time on anything else other than parkour ._.