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Thread: The GT roleplay community.

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    Default The GT roleplay community.

    Some of you may have though that roleplay in gt doesn't exist anymore, well oh boy, how wrong you were.

    Recently, the "war" between two roleplay worlds - Explorecity and Towntopia was ended with a peace treaty.
    The war itself was an absolute cesspit, spying, raids, aggresive behaviour to people just because of the world they roleplay in or the way they roleplay and a whole lot more.
    The main "goal" of the Explorecity side was to bring the world back to life, while subsequently annihilating Towntopia.
    The war ended up doing absolute wonders for the rp community such as - mistrust of other roleplayers, constant spying and betrayal.
    Theres a lot more to this, but i only bothered writing so much.
    Just wanted to put this out there.
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    Thinking about you.


    Growtopia is not a good place to roleplay lol...
    Thinking about you.



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