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Thread: [2014-2019] No resurrections this time

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    Default [2014-2019] No resurrections this time

    BiteLord here.
    Just got suspended (Perma banned) in game.
    I don't think I deserved it, but OK, Ubisoft justice.

    Shoutout to all my friends who knew me. (May update later)

    I would like to thank:
    ShenX. Your comics were amazing and really brightened up my days. I still want to contact you one day.
    Thoriqproduction. Owner of ForumersGt. We had a good Collab with Dragonstorm and ShenX.
    Dragonstorm: You are a good writer. Just keep your words in check lol.
    Snowcone: Sorry. You know what I did.
    StrikeyJr: First ever BiteLordist. Kudos to you
    QueenChloeGt: You can always depend on her.
    Vale0203: Peace out, my brother.
    Bechara: Thank you.
    Yell0wtail: Eh, we have nice chess matches.
    MediaZeus: Man, you are devoted.
    Ecchi : We were never very close, but your siggy is awesome, and I wish I'd gotten to know you more.
    Topazi: Good times don't last.
    LumiNyte: Cherish your flaws. Even your immaturity xD
    WickerDuddy: I don't know what I would have done without you. Special shoutout to you, my bro.
    TurtlePirate: Never got to know you that well, but I can tell you are a helpful and friendly forumer.
    YumYumCookie : Thank you for everything.
    Sloth gt: Thanks, old friend. Hope we will stay in touch. In fact, just msg me today.
    JimIzPro: For caring enough to make a film.
    My guild members, for being loyal.
    Caine: Do my accounts next time, OK?
    (Adding more later)

    If you want to contact me in future, or have any questions regarding my ban, my discord tag is BiteLord#5057.

    May/may not be on the forums.

    Bye y'all.

    BiteLord, 2014 player, signing off.
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