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Thread: [2014-2019] No resurrections this time

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    Quote Originally Posted by TobyLerasco View Post
    May you please show evidence of you asking for it to be specifically kept private?

    As I've said, why was it shared in the first place if it was way too private?

    Scientifically, actions are not personal information. If they were, then by saying you are breathing, I'm exposing your personal information.

    As a note, I'm fully following the code and being objective and not harassing anyone.
    Making my points with my knowledge, and aware of the code which is not functioning anymore.
    I won't even deal with such mentality,nothing is gonna knock sense into your head if you think a secret shouldn't stay as a secret if someone just tells somebody else
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    Ban discussions aren't an appropriate topic of discussion for the forums (or at all). We don't discuss bans with other players, just because someone has any sort of following doesn't make them an exception to that protocol. Stop asking.

    Forum bans and game bans are not typically connected (though, they can be dependent on the violation and the severity). However, this isn't the case for this one - they were both done on their own grounds, and were both deserved. We don't ban people for no reason.

    What you hear, believe or see people talk about is not necessarily the truth - see it as one-side of a two-sided coin. Derailing threads into drama and belittling players who don't have the same viewpoints you do is absolutely not tolerated.

    Closing thread - any further threads about it will also be closed and appropriate infractions will be given.
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