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Thread: Zombie Warrior 7 Event Omg

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    Default Zombie Warrior 7 Event Omg

    it might be possibly due to the ai they gave to turkey-san during the turkey bell event

    Zombie Warrior 7
    It is a pve event or just some pve (that isn’t randomly spawn like those free items like (wells)

    How does it work.

    first of all
    There is a new blast that makes the world pve (500k gems estimation)
    you create a new world with unique name and is unique like the starship blast
    what comes in the world and how is it layout?
    new blocks,background and items (you don’t break random item until a rare item drop)
    it comes with a house aka where white door is located and on the other side a
    zombie spawner (unbreakable) unique to zombie blasted worlds located top right of world
    Pack includes blast
    -starting armor (clothes,helmet,shoes, pants etc)
    -starting sword (deals more damage to zombies )

    it spawns zombies (common zombies) with 30 hp
    spawner can be upgraded explain later on

    What items does damage to zombies?
    As every growtopian have a fist it does 1 damage (maybe more blocks you punch the stronger it can get) max 3

    regular items can be used but it won’t deal a lot of damage
    thats where you get zombie slaying items dropped from tier zombies

    Zombie spawner and zombies
    -zombie spawn max around 10-30
    Either they can move through walls or you can’t build in that blasted world
    or they can spawn in a very clustered location
    They deal .5 damage to growtopians with a same punch as a naked topian
    fixed attack speed not fast and knock back

    growtopians have 5 or 10 health bars
    and regular items dealing 1-5

    (common) zombies drop 1-3 gems with a chance of dropping really rare Zombie island book that has a really small drop chance.

    You get transported to the world and starts with a 30 second cooldown
    you get 3 life (possibly co-op 4 people) (world made by Ubisoft)
    3 life’s meaning you can die three times
    you fight off waves of zombies
    starting with common - legendary
    Common weak
    legendary can shoot fire 🔥 have tons of health and can fly and deal tons of damage
    you have to dodge them. Oh and they chase you

    have chances of dropping zombie slaying armor, clothes, and weapons
    each rarity has it own set of droppables

    upgrade zombie spawner in your world
    - you go to zombie island and kill zombies
    (common - epic cores)
    cores very small chance dropping
    inserting cores to spawner unlocks chance for the spawner to spawn those kinds of zombies but weaker than the zombie island zombies
    but more gems than common
    you can upgrade spawner with the same core 5 times
    although upgrading it carelessly will make you blasted world difficult

    Other people in your zombie world
    (I believe it should be limited to 5) leaving 1 space for you to enter

    -some zombies if you get hit you get slowed
    or jump lower like that one block
    burning, freezes, poison, cursed-blind, and others
    -mixing potions (Longer than regular coffee)
    speed up potion ( only works in island ) have timer
    health pot (works in zombie world)
    instantly heal 1-5 depending on the kind having 30-60 sec timer
    regen potion (works in zombie world) heal slowly
    and other potions

    Bigbrain.exe has crashed.

    mods fix giphy pls ^ i sad

    and when upload it, no work

    [i miss old image gif
    bring back] I need them

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    Brexit means Brexit.


    That's a crap ton of work + rebalancing will be essential to maintain orderly balance, just ask Thanos.

    Other wise, not a bad idea

    (Btw I only read thiugh half of it cuz my eyes started hurting)
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