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Thread: Growtopia | WHY? (Inspirational Short Film)

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    Lightbulb Growtopia | WHY? (Inspirational Short Film)

    A short film about finding motivation and drive when you feel like you don't have any. Sometimes posting videos and not having so many views can be discouraging and disappointing. That’s when I tell myself why I’m on YouTube in the first place. I had a lot of trouble answering that question a few years ago because I wasn’t exactly sure myself.

    After taking a course and watching several videos as well as learning more myself afterward I found out that knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing is probably the most important thing to keep you going. If you’re creating on here or doing something else and start feeling disappointed it could be a good idea to remember “WHY”.

    Do you have the same experience?? Tell me in the comment

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    Actually inspirational, I also came across to some points wherein like what if I just quit creating content? What if I just focus on my studies and just live a normal life? But honestly, for me quitting is like turning back everything you have started. I feel like I'm just going to waste everything that I started to accomplish my dreams. Until this Growie Award came to me, gave me more the feels to make content and films for everyone. It's that also because I believe entertainment is the weapon against all of the sadness in this world. I just can't quit doing this, because I was doing this for the community after all...
    This Growtopia film is still god damn relevant

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    happy thoughts


    thank you, i needed this



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