As i'm writing this, some of these idea is kinda from Pixel World originally, but having this in Growtopia would be good too.

Warnings breaking rules - 1st warning 3 days tempban, 2nd warning 9 days tempban, 3rd warning 15 days tempban, repeated actions, 1 month, so own and so forth. Reason why warnings should be added as a feature to moderator powers as it gives a wake-up call to those rule breakers, but if we're talking about hacking, then just ban their account existed in that current ip they are currently in.

Health Bars - Typically showing your health when you get damaged by physical objects via lava or acid, just indicating sorta.

Nerfing of future IOTM items - seeing how they are adding absurd mods into the equipped clothing, for example Galactic Destructor as it brings no purpose of purchasing clothings that has the same effect of others that's hard to obtain, Demonic arm etc. (Plus bringing down the market price not because of how rare it is, but because of its ability.

Punching cooldowns - Just nerfing those pesky auto farmers, and taking spleef and other games that involves punching to a next level.

Removal of Roulette Wheels - This might be really beneficial as this will drastically reduce casino worlds.

Daily Log ins (level 20-50+)? - assisting newbies out; levels are to avoid alternate accounts abusing it.

Coloring of clothing object - Instead of having eyes and hair, what about dying our clothings, this gives a diversities of designs and idea sets.

More amazing emojis - man, i can't live without them, it just brings more style without having to describe your mood by having to write a full on essay.

That's pretty much my ideas, might be dumb, but may benefit growtopia. Thanks!