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Thread: GrowStocks | The complete guide

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    Default GrowStocks | The complete guide

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    GrowStocks is an online item price checker for Growtopia!

    In the following thread, we're going to explain how to use the website, and explain everything you need to know when using it!
    Let's begin!

    The Website
    1. The gazette
    This is how we announce what's new! Consider this thing like the Growtopia gazette, except its contents is GrowStocks's news!
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    2. The homepage
    This is the first page you'll see when visiting the website. It has two parts:

    1. Daily quest
    Everyday, we'll set the daily quest items for you to see. This will let you know if today's daily quest is cheap or not
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    2. Trending items
    Those items have been set by our team of trenders who judged the items worthy to appear on the main page.
    Those are usually "Popular" or "New" items! Have fun discovering their prices!
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    3. The search page
    So, the item you're searching for isn't listed on the main page... Don't worry, it's not the end of the world!
    Simply click that cute round button
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    Then type the desired item name!
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    You'll then receive the search results!
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    4. The item page
    This is the page that holds the more advanced information!
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    Let's break it down!

    1. The item box
    This box contains:
    1. The item's current price
    2. The rate at which the price is changing (compared to the previous price)

    2. The more advanced information
    So you're an investor and need more information... You've come to the right place!
    Under the item box, we'll provide you with the more advanced information
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    Let's explain what everything means!
    1. Price Status

    2. Demand Status

    2. Investment Status

    2. The price history
    Apart from providing only item prices, we'll also give you a graph showing how the item's price has progressed.
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    This is extremely useful in case:
    1. You want to predict how the item's price will be
    2. Check the item's price at a certain event to know if you should invest in it for the same upcoming event.

    5. The marketplace
    We do not only limit ourselves to providing item prices. We'll also let you BUY/SELL your own items through our dedicated marketplace, without the need of creating any account!
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    To advertise your offer, simply hit the "BUY/SELL item" button, and fill in the form
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    When you submit the form, your offer will go through an approval process to confirm it is real. This process usually takes less than a day.

    If the item you were advertising is sold, you can simply delete your own offer by clicking on the Delete button!
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    PS: Advertisements are deleted after 4 days of their approval

    6. The info page
    This page contains all of the information about GrowStocks.
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    7. The staff page
    Want to discover who's behind GrowStocks? That's your page, then!
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    8. The item box
    This is the box you'll use the most! Let's break it down.
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    1. The item sprite
    2. The item name
    3. The item price
    4. The item rate
    5. The three dots menu

    9. Reporting an item
    So you've discovered an item that does not exist/has a wrong price.
    Do not panic! Instead, use the Report item button which we talked about in the previous section!
    Fill in the form in the modal that appears, and hit "Report".
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    10. Getting help
    We offer support-over-Discord on the website itself!
    Just click on the Discord icon on the bottom right
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    Input a name, and start chatting!
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    11. The Growtopia Stats page
    This page offers various information on Growtopia.
    What you'll find there:
    1. The online users count
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    2. Current WOTD and VOTW
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    3. The online users history of that day
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    You can even subscribe to push notifications to know when the server goes down/comes back up!

    Oh and, don't forget to read our Privacy Policy and Terms Of Service!
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