Honestly, alot of the IOTM's were straight up useless. Think about the Hovernator Drone, for instance. But some were cool. I think that, in my opinion, there should all the IOTM's, but make sure all the bad ones are 'countered' by a good one next month.

Now, about magplants: I think that they should be added but for their original intention: The remote is for the world owner ONLY. That way, we can use tham for farming lots of items at ease, but cannot run insane BFG worlds.
As for the Raymans Fist, I am not so sure. It is sortof broken but why not just add it as a cool item, nerfing it to only punch 1 block at a time with 3 range? Intstead of not bringing an item because it is so good just nerf it a bit. And while we are at it PLEASE add the growscan next, it was so helpful, and should be in the game fast.

Thanks for reading!