I think we need more useful IOTMs like Growscans or Magplants, because let’s be honest, the pop culture references re-colored 4 times is old and played out.

I want new ORIGINAL ideas, not copied from Disney or Marvel, and not re-colored four times. That’s useless and just kind of annoying. Every time I hope for a new useful IOTM I get Dumbo’s ears or Dr. Strange’s cape. Why? What’s the point?

As soon as the whole “four colors” thing started I actually laughed. You colored it differently and you expect me to treat certain color differently without them being any different from the other three?

I want USEFUL IOTMs, not multiple retextures of the same crap that is either animated or gigantic.

Ubisoft has so much potential, they can definitely do better than this. I know they can. They’re creative as hell. Use that creativity, dammit!