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Thread: Make useful IOTMs.

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    Default Make useful IOTMs.

    I think we need more useful IOTMs like Growscans or Magplants, because let’s be honest, the pop culture references re-colored 4 times is old and played out.

    I want new ORIGINAL ideas, not copied from Disney or Marvel, and not re-colored four times. That’s useless and just kind of annoying. Every time I hope for a new useful IOTM I get Dumbo’s ears or Dr. Strange’s cape. Why? What’s the point?

    As soon as the whole “four colors” thing started I actually laughed. You colored it differently and you expect me to treat certain color differently without them being any different from the other three?

    I want USEFUL IOTMs, not multiple retextures of the same crap that is either animated or gigantic.

    Ubisoft has so much potential, they can definitely do better than this. I know they can. They’re creative as hell. Use that creativity, dammit!
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    This has been addressed before. No, they won't release more OP items like Rayman and Magplant as an IOTM. If they would release item improvements and unique mechanics, those items would be introduced as an item available in the shop or as a recipe item.

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    IOTM(s) are not ment to be useful. They are limited collectible items.



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