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Thread: Ban Duration Reference (Idea)

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    Default Ban Duration Reference (Idea)

    Growtopia needs to create a "Ban Duration Reference" for both the moderator and the player. Every rule should have a suggested ban duration and punishment. The reason why ban durations should not be absolute is simple: Every case has its own problems, number of people affected and impact on the game itself. An example of this would be as the following:

    1/. XXXXXX ( 5 day ban + tape )

    Doing such would save a vast amount of time as it would ease the tension between moderators and players as there wouldn't be arguments on ban duration.
    Some more "abstract" rules from the Terms Of Service should be added to the Growtopian Code as well. ( It's language simplified, of course. )

    ZStxx has posted a similar thread about this in the Suggestions Box. If you support this suggestion please Reply with a +1 on HIS thread. Link below.
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