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Thread: I need a guild

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    Default I need a guild

    ok so my current guild no longer has a leader but I'm gonna stay for the fishing event since the guild still has a little life left that I can squeeze out, however I have plans to leave it after the fishing event. I'm not sure what tier I got in block bashers but I got 2mil with reliable only so I got time. anyways, i do want to continue getting tokens after the guild does eventually perish (sorry guys) and i'm curious if anyone would accept me cuz i dont know how to do startopia, or surg, and i'm gonna learn to cook soon, but I'm also willing to make a deposit and give wls to someone else to do my contri during those events.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryanx99 View Post
    i dont know how to do startopia, or surg
    It isn’t that hard to learn, if you have 15 wls youccan learn either quite easily with a tutorial or just reading the text. Most is self explainatory.
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    Hey there,
    We are currently inviting #20 personal reward contributers. Feel free to msg me in game and btw my in game name is AMyThicalX. If i was offline for some reason feel free to msg “Algebre, ImConnecting, WolvesKD”
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