NOTE: Before proceeding any further, let me just stress that this thread is only meant for people who are well open minded to almost anything. If your close minded and still would like to proceed anyway, then there is a slight chance you might end up going completely nuts!

So basically, we live in a planet, and this planet is located inside a huge space we call the universe. But what is the universe located in?.

If you say the universe is located in a dimensional space, then where is that dimensional space located in?. Basically, this could go on and on for infinity. Just thinking about it can make you go completely insane.

There's so much left for us to unlock, such as the secrets of reality, the meaning of existence, what is time and the biggest question of all, where we are located.

For all you know, we could be living inside a single atom of anothet huge reality, or we could be living insde a video game being controlled by greater beings from higher levels of reality. Basically, the possibilities are endless!.

A wise man once said, reality is an illusion and the universe is merely a hologram, he could be telling the truth.

So what do you think?. What do you think reality is all about?.