This world is the old FAMOUSESCAPE which I tried to get wotd with
but I couldn't. So according to the feedbacks, I made some changes
with the help of my friend Bear9. And here's my new named world.
GrowID: TopFamous

It's an adventure world where you start, lost in a haunted forest.
There, you find vampires and then start finding your way out to escape.
After getting out of the forest, you'll face a jungle, and then you'll be taken
to a sea, after that you'll enter a castle that has a portal in the end of it.
This portal will lead you to clouds where you'll find letters to make a password
that will lead you to heaven, a safe place. And here ends your adventure.

This world has:

-Punch Jammer
-Zombie Jammer
-Night Weather
-Fire House
-Usage of adventure items
-Castle pixel art with parkour
-Clouds pixel art with parkour
-Haunted forest and jungle and sea levels well designed

Last render of the world:

Name:  escapingvampires.png
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