i'm thinking this: (I know I keep posting this)

Game Generator Updates:

- When you're not currently playing, you can use wrench.
- The One, RNG that chooses random player for like, hide and seek, juggernaut, and prop hunt or other future modes.

New modes:

Zombie Vs Humans
- Zombies will infect Humans to be part of their teams while Humans kills zombie to get out of the game!

Hide & Seek
- When game starts, seekers can't type /who to locate others but players can use /who to ask for help!
- Players need to hide before 10 seconds. The One will come in the game after 10 seconds. Punching the players will die after 1 punch. The One is more quicker than normal player.
- Seekers can't see player's name.
- Players can hide in etc; chest, dressers and more furniture.

- Players use weapons that kills zombie to kill the Juggernaut, it has 80 health. The health will show up on chat like boss ghost's health. While players have 5 health.

Prop Hunt
- You can wrench the item/press "E" to morph into an item, The One will come after 10 seconds. Clicking morphed players will unmorph them. The One have 5 hearts. If morphed players click The One while not being seen for 5 seconds, The One will lose 1 heart. To prevent scams, morphed players can't do anything while morphed, just click and move. They cannot take dropped items, ban/kick players, and use consumables. The game generator will be only accessible by owner.

Last Team Standing
- Teams will be fighting each other to secure a win, the Last Team standing will win! (family-friendly, no killing own team)

- This mode will be in teams, players can throw paints at each other either far, medium or short range.
- Once, you are tagged with the paint, you are out and the other team earns a point.

Ball in the Hoops
- Players will have to punch the balls upwards without letting it touch the floor and try to score opponent's hoops to earn a point.
- If the player whom last touches the ball hits the ground, the opponent's team will start the ball from their side.

New options:
- You can choose what teams (Blue Bomber, Red Rabbits, Yellow Yaks, Purple Penguins) to play when the game is running on a screen pop-out.
- Players can build and break blocks during the game (Players can't break anything that has been placed by the owner of the world)
- You can set a timer when a player doesn't move for (x) seconds will die!
- Custom Team: Wrench Game Gen > Team Creator > Select and item in your inventory > Type in Name > Enter > New Permanent Team Option
- When game is restarting, you can set (x) seconds to wait for it to start another game.
- Players can't place door/portals or any items that can leave the world.

New blocks:
- Game Door
- Game Portal
- Game Lock
- Game Accessories
(All game blocks can be break during game)

Do you have more suggestion to add in, let me know! Let's make the biggest game generator suggestion here!
We all know game generator needs some update, so let's do this!