Hey guys and gals, the subreddit staff and I have decided that a Discord server may not be such a bad idea, so here we are. Even if you're not a /r/growtopia subscriber, you're more than welcome to join and I hope you'll enjoy your stay there; our main goal is to create a friendly environment for players to chat about everything on the topic of Growtopia, the subreddit, and more. The server's pretty small right now, but I hope it will be able to maintain slow growth considering the subreddit is fairly large (2600-ish subscribers as of today).
We plan to host events and giveaways, although that's a task mainly for the creative people such as other subreddit mods, lol. We hope you'll be able to spend some quality time there.

Invite link: https://discord.gg/t5N8rFK

Anyone is welcome.