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Thread: Bye everyone [Too sensitive] [If you are not good with that, go away]

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    ** The Acient ones have used Ban on THOSE.FKING.SCAMMERS

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    Quote Originally Posted by UkyoKuonji View Post
    meaning of the song
    I like the way the train approaches
    電車が近づく 気配が好きなんだ

    I was listening underneath the elevated line
    Pillar graffiti numbers and initials
    柱の落書き 数字とイニシャルは

    Who tried to leave what to whom
    The flow of years (the flow of years)
    歳月の流れは (歳月の流れは)

    Tell me (Tell me)
    教えてくれる (教えてくれる)

    The ordinary days that have passed

    With irreplaceable footprints
    Be strong by goodbye, this encounter has meaning
    サヨナラに強くなれ この出会いに意味がある

    Our future after sadness
    悲しみの先に続く 僕たちの未来

    It ’s always the beginning
    始まりはいつだって そう何かが終わること

    Hug you again

    An alternative to love I wanted to protect
    守りたかった 愛に代わるもの
    The train passes through the roar and the wind
    電車が通過する 轟音と風の中

    Your lips moved but I can't hear you
    君の唇が動いたけど 聴こえない
    Silence returns to you waiting for the answer
    静寂が戻り 答えを待つ君に

    I whispered with a smile looking at my eyes
    Important things (important things)
    大切なもの (大切なもの)

    Even if you go away (even if you go away)
    遠ざかっても (遠ざかっても)

    New encounter again

    Surely someday will come
    Don't look around Sayonara
    サヨナラを振り向くな 追いかけてもしょうがない

    Let ’s leave the memories where we are now
    思い出は 今いる場所に置いて行こうよ

    People are hesitant to end but everyone stops
    終わることためらって 人は皆立ち止まるけど

    We were hugging each other

    Release your arms and become stronger
    腕を離して もっと強くなる
    The sun goes down while I'm jealous
    躊躇してた間に 陽は沈む (切なく)

    A steel tower that looks far away
    遠くに見える鉄塔 ぼやけてく…

    Source: LyricFind
    Thank you, now I fully understand it... ;33 Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1NB4 View Post
    ** The Acient ones have used Ban on THOSE.*.SCAMMERS
    Don't use F word, please.... Everything will be okay from now on...
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    Remember: Gamers don't die, they respawn.

    Good luck my friend, you will be missed!
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    Quote Originally Posted by xD1G0x View Post
    Hello there, or I should say goodbye...
    I am leaving Growtopia and my goods for ever. Why? Because cyber-bullying can hurt as much as knives in your back... I was that pray which bully got me... I was kind, always tried to support someone, even if I didn't had much... Same goes in real life, cause struggles gonna be in both dimensions - virtual and reality.
    In reality people always joked about me, make fun of me. They wanted my reaction, but I didn't showed them that. They started picking me up even more frequenter than before. I told about situation to teacher, but when, after I told them, I regretted it immediately. Those bullies say I should die, they wanted me dead... I tried to commit suicide... twice... On the second time, mum saw me and she called ambulance... I was send to psychotic hospital [or IDK how is called in English]. I spend there 2 weeks. Second day in there was the same as in school... I was joked about, even when I was shy, quiet and slow at things... After release, some classmates stopped bullying me, but just SOME... I saw in the news about me, so everybody knew, who exactly wanted to kill myself... Of course gossips travel so fast in that small school... Eh, at least I overcome this problem by graduating and going to the next school [which is for smart people (cause my classmates are not those, of the smartest). I don't judge them, it's just the choice they choose.
    Actually, I never had cyber-bullying till now. Recently. 2 days ago...
    One of my old friend, [censor], stolen my items, cause I gave him access in the world. He was my old friend, so I trusted him... I DM'ed him, saying that everything is alright. I don't really care about those items, if somebody really needs them [there was P, Z Jammers, CCTV camera and Stuff weather...]. I didn't really mind that stuff... Later today, I said I want to meet him face-to-face to know exact porpoise of ruining my farm[REALGRAFASA] and my temp-main world[FARMI019]... We meet up, but he also asked to invite my two friends as well, cause they also got involved somehow... I invited them, and I asked him why? He answered, that I shouldn't trust anyone, who is not IRL friend or etc. He said, that I was his first target to scammed, cause I was kind and warmhearted. [Yeah, you could say stiff].... My heart broke.... I was betrayed by my own friend? I thought to myself.... But after that I decided I won't play Growtopia anymore, of this cyber-bullying and toxic-community... If I wasn't gone through all those bullies in Real Life, imagine, what would happen to me... What would happen to me, if I couldn't control myself, and I would just try committing suicide...
    If you ever feel lonely or was bullied, call hotlines in your country...

    Sayonara Growtopia
    Farewell my friends
    See you someday later
    *sigh* Who ya gonna call?

    (Just to cheer ya up)
    Tbh,i quit too this community is junk fk this lets go together

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axzyte View Post
    *sigh* Who ya gonna call?

    (Just to cheer ya up)
    Tbh,i quit too this community is junk fk this lets go together
    This game is useless I wish I met you lmao Lets be friends do you have discord?
    add me General Blackbone#6954 tell me your problem
    Hello I'm axzyte(starksoul)
    Started early 2018 Being a noon until now,being a noob isn't easy but I'm struggling to be pro

    My Discord Server with Growcord!



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