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Thread: An idea for bringing back the old token system

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    Default An idea for bringing back the old token system

    We can keep the new token system, we should back the old token system where you get x amount of tokens based on how popular your world was the previous day.

    What were the biggest issues with the old token system? Well for me, it was these reasons:
    1. Token profit. Buying and selling token items.
    2. Tons of sbs about fake prizes to get people to come to the world. (these sbs still exist)

    My ideas for balancing it are simple.
    1. The tokens earned from world popularity are special tokens that can only be used to buy untradeables.
    With this change, there's no profit from tokens.
    2. Players sent to the world via links dont change the world honors. People with very popular worlds will probably just link their popular worlds to other worlds to get honors.
    3. A way to detect afk bots and not consider then when calculating how many tokens the world owners will get.

    Share your thoughts and ideas!
    Do you think its a bad idea to bring back the old token system?
    Do you think its a good idea?

    What are all the things you miss about the old growtoken system?

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    suggested by a lot of people

    no use, it won't happen and the Growtoken system was actually a test project by Seth and Hamumu, which turned out a disaster for them.

    better not to touch any subject of the game, that has been implemented for so long.

    the only thing they do now is add ways for people to get tokens easier, otherwise you're gonna have an angry mob of people.

    My comments can be harsh, but atleast im not fake with my replies.

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    I don't think so


    Then someone would run 65 instances of growtopia and set up a macro so they aren't afk.
    I believe we already have enough ways to obtain tokens, they should be hard to obtain anyways.
    Also, regarding your first point: people didn't abuse the system to get tradeables, they abused it to show off gpicks and feyes, so your suggestion is practically useless.
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