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    Post SOCCERPKR for WOTD!

    Here’s the render of the world:

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    Yep, it’s a soccer field

    SOCCERPKR is a soccer themed parkour world with 26 unique levels. The world is especially made for those who love soccer and are crazy about it. Or hey, overall sports!

    The start of the parkour is easy, but it gets harder as you near the end. The start also has a short maze as a ”warm up” before the parkour, and it is in the boxes.
    Hedge parts are the START and the END of the parkour.

    The four ”soccer balls” in the world have short quizzes in them, and when you come across one, you need to selecet the correct answer to continue the parkour. The questions are soccer related (players, FIFA World Cup etc.) and are not too hard.

    The parkour has been tested and it is possible to complete it. Though you will need wings and Parasol!

    Please note that there isn’t a credit board in the world because everything was made by me - I came up with the idea, also nobody helped or funded.

    The world has Zombie Jammer & Punch Jammer in it.

    P.S. Visiting the world and giving feedback would mean a lot.

    Thank you!

    In-game name: Kenaa
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