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Thread: Sell food items at ARROZSHOP

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    Default Sell food items at ARROZSHOP

    Apple Strudel 1/wl
    Eggs Benedict 3/7 wls each msg me
    chicken 8/wl
    vile vial fatty 18 wls

    BUYING: Magic Bacon Wallpaper 25/wl


    Arroz con Pollo 3/wl
    Rice 40/wl
    Tomato 100/wl
    Onion 35/wl
    Chicken Meat 6/wl
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    When you're so trash at the game and a moderator calls you out for it.

    Apple Strudel 1/wl at ARROZSHOP - 5% faster tree growth rate.

    Selling Arroz con Pollo along with its ingredients at SELLARROZ.



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