Now how the sleepover works with my friends is different. Its a mess and thats why i deeply regret accepting it.

But the problem is, they force me. Or. Literally raid the house to the point that i cant do anything. Makakapal ang mukha in short.

Sleepovers are fun with friends. Chit chatting. Random games. Cooking. Movies. You name it, just to spend time after all the suffering from school but that makes me suffer more.

Since the place is our home, literally means i have to set everything up in the living room, bedroom and as well as the kitchen.

My friends, are honestly well oganized when it comes to many things but, when it comes to sleepover, i dont know why they get so lazy to clean things up. Well maybe they dont want their nighty clothes to get dirty but yeah. And even if i made them clean up the things, they just chit chat so much that the things theyve done is still a mess.

After all the fun activities, sleep time or literally no sleep at all.

Im one of the people who doesnt sleep early cause, MOST OF THE TIME they leave the gas open which is kaboom beach if you ask me. Or literally leaving the floor wet, or even leaving the treats scattered. Things like that.

Now all of you can say that i should just leave them alone but my mom would kill me for not cleaning up the mess and my friends would just yeet.

Im dont wanna be damn maid everytime they raid our home. And they do it on the sensitive time possible like after school, stuff to do tomorrow.

Theyre wonderful friends but they just think that im the one whos responsible for the mess they cause. So. I. Deeply. Regret. it.
Cause. I have no choice.

Fun times. Share yours cause, if yours are better, maybe we could swap friends, jk lmao. Im interested only.