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    Default First video!

    Took me ages to setup the YouTube account, make a picture, banner, resize, edit first video and thumbnail, description, tags etc. but finally I’m done!

    The banner and avatar are still up for debate if anyone wants to make me one. Check out my video via siggy or the link below
    Please criticize everything about my channel need tips to get better.

    Edit: video quality will get better in a few hours, takes youtube a while to process. Should be 720-1080p quite surprising for a iPhone 6 lol. Currently the best is 360p but even so it looks fine. Again it will get better in a few hours after youtube processes it for every video I make.
    Latest video:

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    Wish you the best of luck with your channel and content creativity! I'd be happy to make you a simplistic banner for your channel, if I have time. I will subscribe to you when I get on YouTube.

    I'm a girl who play as a boy in the game. I'm half Japanese, but I will mainly speak English in the forum; don't worry.

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