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Thread: (Paw) Dragon lungs + rarity fix

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    Default (Paw) Dragon lungs + rarity fix

    Dragons lungs these special items enables you to breath fire
    effects are like red dragon hand but with a bigger fire breath
    (pickaxe effect) it does not stack with other pickaxes
    -not a face item but more like a separate lung category so it won’t interfere with face items like laser

    What does the effect change in your growtopian
    -either you can’t tell unless he is punching
    -or have 2 fangs
    -or have scales on skin
    -or have like a magma circle on your chest

    How to obtain (2 different ideas)
    -i honestly feel like this a way cooler item so
    -not everyone’s going to have it
    -it is UNTRADABLE like the goblin transformation

    STEPS ON HOW TO GET (verison 1)(almost similar but probably cheaper than legendary wizard) (cost about lots of world locks)
    -you chemical mix (3 items ) to get the item
    or chemical mix 2 times and get 2 seeds to splice to make Dragon chamber
    the item doesn’t drop but instead places in the world
    Only accessible to owners (probably only 1 start at a time to avoid selling steps?)
    You wrench the item and start to get dragon lungs
    the requirements:is rarity
    you place rarity blocks in there and when you reach the goal you get the item and it explodes.(dragon chamber converts into dragon lungs) it auto inventory instead of drop
    rarity amount: 1billion+? (There’s tons of rarity blocks out there) gob was like 3 million
    and you have item

    STEPS ON HOW TO GET (verison 2)
    -there’s no splicing involve but anyways
    -complete dragon parkour (Ubisoft made)(hard)
    no timers? Required lvl 50+
    at the end you get an item that allows you to access the block that
    allows you to turn in rarity’s (a item like legendary orb or frozen heart)
    or allows access to the world that only allow access if you beat the parkour
    amount should still be a lot like 1billion+ since it’s not (noob item)

    Improvement Lungs for (verison 1/2)
    Let’s say you got the lungs
    red dragon breath same as the hand
    Theres a room only accessible to those with the lungs
    with different boxes (with pictures of dragon ) to see what kind of flames you like
    You can change flames going from left to right
    like (red dragon -> fiesta dragon -> ice dragon and so on)
    with cost of rarity increases on different dragons
    ending with the legendary dragon flames
    (Ubisoft can add different kinds of legendary flames)
    when you want to switch back to the one you complete
    just wrench and click change lung (so you can switch flames whenever you like)

    yes cost a lot of farmables

    For verison 2 basically you need the lung to enter world to improve it

    Why I put rarity.
    -there’s a lot of farmable so it might be easy to get it.

    Why is not iotm idea
    -dragon breath is cool and I don’t want everyone to have it
    and it is different category like ancestral

    Maybe a billion is a lot?

    mods fix giphy pls ^ i sad

    and when upload it, no work

    [i miss old image gif
    bring back] I need them

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    too late for PAW but a whole another second for something like "L U N G S" nah. just make it a neck item.

    Sounds good, The recipe shouldnt be complicated like what you said.

    Maybe this.

    50 Dragon Spirits + 40 lava falls + 5 Dragon Hands

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    One ****in' billion? I doubt many peeps will put that much effort into getting it. It would be insanely expensive, and wayy too basic, 1 billion rarity to just breathe fire.
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