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Thread: A transcribing/composer based world Good idea?

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    Default A transcribing/composer based world Good idea?

    Hey guys, so I’m currently working on the world GTRADIO and an idea popped up.

    What if the world was Half song links (free to copy) and half transcriber/composer based
    What do I mean by that! Well the first part is self explanatory but the second, it’s almost like a sb world. You know like mamasb or papasb those types of rooms. Except the concept is shifted towards you (the consumer) paying the admin to either copy and or transcribe a song for you.

    Of course the admins will be checked, making sure their trusted. A world like this used to exist called buycomposer, however it’s been shutdown for 2-3 years. So I thought maybe I’d revive the idea.

    Does this sound like a good idea? Daily sbs, selling adminship, fees etc. just like a sb world.

    And if so would anyone want to sign up to be a admin here?
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    How much is admin price?
    Its good idea
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    Quote Originally Posted by BilaltmnOO View Post
    How much is admin price?
    Its good idea
    There will be people hired for transcribing and others being hired for composing, the composers are charged a single dl for a month earning roughly 80 wls a day (daily sbs)
    The transcribers will pay a dl every half a month as they get paid 2-4 dls a single song.

    The prices aren’t final I haven’t put much thought into it yet.
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