I haven't used my account in a while as I had exams. Checked my phone to play growtopia to see it got banned for 2 fricking years. Didn't know what happened so I messaged ubisoft support. AND I GOT BANNED FOR BEING INVOLVED WITH A BETTING/CASINO WORLD! My account has clocked in 8k hours and I can't just deal with the fact that I just lost everything because of a false ban. Ubisoft support told me "We HaVe LoOkEd Up YoUr AcCoUnT aNd FoUnD tHaT iT wAs PuNiShEd FoR bEiNg InVoLvEd In BeTtInG (aNy GaMe WhErE yOu AsK sOmEoNe To PaY fOr A cHaNcE oF a PrIzE). iT iS aGaInSt ThE rUlEs To HoSt, PlAy, AdMiN, hAvE/cReAtE a CaSiNo-LiNk WoRlD, bRoAdCaSt AbOuT oR eVeN bE nEaR a CaSiNo Or OtHeR bEtTiNg PaRloR. tHe PuNiShMeNt Is NoN-nEgOtIaTaBlE.

I asked my friend to check my world to see if it was griefed but it wasn't so there is no signs of hacking.