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Thread: Got false banned for 2 years and can't negotiate

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    Y u do dis


    Quote Originally Posted by Slayer7 View Post
    At the end of the day there isn't much we could do on our end here on the forums. I would suggest if you really do feel it's unjustified to reply to them and explain your side.
    From what I've seen support is pretty much useless.

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    Chances of appealing your suspension (and actually getting unsuspended) has a super low chance, and besides,they won't even listen to your side of the story.. Soooo

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    Quote Originally Posted by TurtlePirate View Post
    Yes, but you're still able to enter those worlds and remove your access from them.
    And you can have absolutely no idea what world it is that you are accessed to. I am probably accessed to many worlds over the years, I won't have remembered them all. I might've been randomly accessed before the "accept access" or /unaccess were things.

    To OP:
    The best you can do is simply reply again and request a look into your ban. If it was what TurtlePirate suggested - you happened to be accessed to an illegal world without your knowledge - you can validate your appeal with such. You had no idea of such illegal shenanigans and that you had no relation to the world during the time it was active and illegal.
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